Reevmak Concept | Services
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We provide a wide range of services which includes:

  Insights to the Four Youth Market segment.

Twain Market Segment: 0-12yrs

( Focus on Crèche-Primary schools)


Teens Market Segment: 13-19yr

 (Focus on Secondary schools)

College Market Segment: 18-27

 (Focus On Tertiary Campuses)

Young Adult Market Segment: 28-45

(Focus on Young Executives)

We capture the Youth market on campus & we call them…

A Different World


  • Introduction

  • Penetration

  • Sustenance

(To Help Build a strong brand)

  • Direct & Experiential Marketing – providing a platform for brands to engage both existing and new prospect.

  • Brand Support – with our experience in the events and marketing communications fields, we provide cutting edge brand support services to help our clients remain number one by increasing brand visibility.

  • Consulting – With growing need for brands to remain significant in the market, we provide cutting edge advisory solution to companies for their brands to reach the desired point of Market Domination and Brand Superiority.

  • Branding – Furthermore, with our experience in the marketing communications sphere, we also provide branding services for small, medium & large scale businesses.


  • To impress top-of-the-mind mention of your brand and product on both new and existing prospects.

  • To induce on the spot trials and patronage of your products.

  • To create a platform for bonding between your brand and the prospects.

  • To positively influence perception of product.


  • Brand positioning

  • Multiple sales channel created

  • Exponential increase in sales of product across the country

  • Brand supremacy amongst competitors

  • Top-of-the-mind mention of brand

  • Capture of greater market share

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